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What does it mean to "GRO"?

     We believe that young girls can make a difference in the lives of others. Our mission is to connect with and serve others. From this, we empower others to do the same. To "GRO" is to refine and create an overall more prosperous future for our precious world and its citizens. We are all different in our own way, but now have a sisterhood through shared experiences of volunteering our time for others. 


     Based in Northeastern Wisconsin, our projects officially began in 2013, and the GRO organization in 2014. GRO 2026 officially took over from its founding members fall of 2020.


GRO 2026 Members:

Fynley Bouck, Charlotte Bullard, Abbey Janssen, Sophia Kwacz, Melanie Pellegrino, and Grace Villwock


Founding Members:

Bridget Bullard, Asha Edgerle, Mary Madigan, Jordyn Schipper, and Marcella Senti

GRO and Sheboygan Rotary Small Plates Ev
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